As Recruitment Consultants we are often asked what value we add for locums and locum employers. The answer is lots!

As a successful Locum Solicitor you will be constantly busy in assignments, whilst juggling the pressure of lining up the next role. This is simpler if you undertake long term roles such as maternity covers, more complicated if you cover short term requirements such as annual leave, sickness, permanent recruitment or project requirements.  This is where agencies can make all the difference.

Whilst you are working and earning your money we can be working on lining up your next role.  We understand the market, know what our clients are looking for and, most importantly, get to know you and your needs.

Steps we take to assist with your work:

  • Get to know you – what you are looking for, where you want to work, the work you enjoy and the hourly rate you aim for.
  • Get a good understanding of the needs of the clients and what the roles will entail.
  • Call you about roles that fit around your schedule and match your criteria.
  • Arrange telephone conversations between you and the client with one call to you
  • Contact you with a set start date
  • Agree terms of business directly with the client, no need for you or your limited company to negotiate
  • Arrange for timesheets for you to complete each week
  • Ensure timesheets are approved.
  • Automatically pay approved timesheets every Friday – money in your bank by the time you wake up!If you are considering starting a career as a Locum or have worked independently as a locum but would be interested in working with an agency for future roles the eNL Locum team would be happy to have a chat with you about the market and how we can help you. Call us on 0121 454 1004.