At eNL Legal we look to place the best law candidates in the most appropriate legal vacancies. Through years of experience, thorough research and from speaking to the professionals themselves, we are always up to date with the latest legal news.

We take care to ensure that our news section contains rich content and legal industry specific information, including up and coming changes or shifts in the legal sector, recruitment practices, other related matters and updates on eNL Legal's charity work. Occasionally we also take a look at the funny side of the law.  

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How can our news section help legal firms?

If you are a legal firm, then our news section will serve as a place for you to read up on the latest goings on in your industry. We discuss a range of topics, including the rise of employment figures, how to keep your employees happy and productive and how the industry continues to change and adapt.

How can our news section help legal candidates?

Whether you are paralegal, legal executive or a budding solicitor, our news section is a great place for you.  You will find recruitment tips, legal insight and what you can expect during the recruitment process.

Getting in touch with eNL Legal

As well as being a highly professional and efficient legal recruitment agency, we are also a great source of information, news and advice and always happy to discuss the legal sector. If you are looking to hire in the public sectorprivate sector or in-house, or are a candidate looking for a job, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our team today.