A Top Financial Expert to Join Your Team

 Times are tough and it is now essential that your law firm is run as efficiently as possible. It’s important to maximise cash flow and to ensure that there is a clear focus on long-term planning in order to turn potential problems into opportunities by responding quickly to social, economic and regulatory changes. In many small and medium-sized firms it is often left to the managing partner or a practice manager to carry out all kinds of specialist roles, including pivotal ones such as financial management. Now Secantor has the perfect solution; a highly experienced, business-thinking finance director on an affordable part-time basis. Just a few days a month of a Secantor FD’s time is enough to transform rapidly the profitability of any law firm. By taking control of the financial aspects of the firm they release partners to get on with what they do best - practice law and earn fees!

 Support Specialists for all Key Functions

 To help you run your support functions efficiently Secantor can also provide experts in all key areas to help make your firm run smoothly. This expertise covers all aspects of compliance, Human Resources, Health and Safety, IT,Marketing and book-keeping. It is up to you to choose which resources you wish to call upon to give you total peace of mind.

 Nigel Bacon CEO of Secantor commented;

 "...For smaller firms, particularly those dependent on areas likely to be effected by new external competition or changes in public spending, there is often a need for a fundamental re-shaping of the business which could include merger or acquisitions.  Most firms are having to combat fee pressure and may need to review their overall strategy and practise management.  Bringing business discipline and expertise into management support functions such as finance, compliance, marketing, business development and HR can not only provide enhanced support to the Managing Partner(s) and help improve the operation and performance of the firm, but also importantly enable fee earners to focus on growing revenue.  At Secantor we have brought together a team of people who can join your team on an extremely cost effective and flexible basis to provide solutions from strategy ..."

About Secantor

Secantor was incorporated in January 2000 as the first company to offer part-time FD services in the UK. The first region was established in the East Midlands and Secantor now covers most parts of England and Wales.

Today Secantor has a team of over 100 people, led by seven regional directors, serving the West and East Midlands, the North, the South, Wales, the South West and London. There is a small central support function, which includes additional specialists in marketing, IT, HR and intellectual property.

“The advantage of Secantor is that they not only provide strategic FD support but also a full management support service so that the Managing Partner can get on with driving the firm itself and with their fee-earning role as a lawyer”. Jenny Beck, Managing Partner, T V Edwards LLP, London.