With the solstice behind us it finally looks as if summer has arrived. The UK has been basking in glorious sunshine this week but what have people been wearing to work on these unusually warm days?

The blogosphere has been alive with cruel quips about the ubiquitous socks and sandals combo, as well as suits and flip flops and other borderline bohemian office attire.

For men the options are rather limited. Given that the ‘short suits’ seen on last year’s catwalks never quite made it into the boardroom, a short-sleeved shirt is about as cutting edge as it gets in terms of acceptable summer work attire.

Women on the other hand are faced with a minefield of different options. Some safe choices for summer staples include high-necked sleeveless tops and smart trousers, short sleeved blouses and pencil skirts and mid-length shift dresses.

What to wear for work during the summer is one thing, but what to wear to an interview is quite another. Looking presentable and composed is essential so for interviews we recommend carrying a light jacket that can be slipped over short-sleeved shirts or blouses shortly before arrival.

It may also be worth checking the firm’s dress policy before your interview. Some organisations may, for example, discourage open toed footwear or insist on men wearing ties. Complying with these sorts of policies at the interview stage will help give the right impression.