Given the current levels of social unrest, many people have been asking about The Prince’s Trust’s position. The Trust reports that they have continued to support young people and in many cases, provided additional help to steer them clear of trouble. They have also been working with five other youth charities to agree a joint statement.

A coalition of six youth charities, including The Prince’s Trust, Catch 22, Foyer Federation, Rathbone, Youth United and Groundwork, has issued a joint statement:

“We are appalled by the riots taking place across the UK’s major cities. We know that the vast majority of young people are not involved in this serious criminal activity and take great pride in their communities. We want to remind young people everywhere, whatever their background, that there is help at hand for those who do not want to get involved with crime and anti-social behaviour. There is support for young people across the UK to improve their prospects – and we urge young people to stay safe, shun the violence and seek support to steer a positive course through life.”

The six charities are all members of the Youth Action Group, which was set up to ensure joined-up action to help the UK’s most disadvantaged young people and address the issues faced by young people in society.

As a recognised voice of young people, the Trust are considering all appropriate opportunities to convey their thoughts through the media. They are most keen to show young people that there are positive choices available to them and to showcase examples of our young people making a positive difference in their communities.

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