Do you need legal advice? If you have a problem that you need help with, you may need legal advice to resolve it. You can get help from a legal adviser online who specialises in your problem.

Please see a short synopsis of a handful of online organisations offering legal guidance. This is not an exhaustive list and eNL recommend you undertake your own research.

About JustAnswer

JustAnswer is now the largest website where people get answers from Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics or one of thousands of other Experts one-on-one. Since JustAnswer's inception, millions of people from more than 145 countries have received fast and affordable answers in more than 100 categories.

Benefits Include: Expert answers from a live person, who cares about you and follows up with you - not a search engine. Answers every day, at all hours - when you need them most. Affordable pricing - you pick the price you want to pay.

About AskALawyer

You ask a legal question and they give you a free answer, it's that simple.

With answering your questions for free it is possible that you won’t need to pay a practising lawyer for legal assistance elsewhere. If so, that's great. If on the other hand you do need further legal assistance, AskALawyer  hope that you like what you have heard so far and consider using one of their lawyers at their respective law firms for your additional legal needs. It's that simple.

About Lawyers Online


Lawyers Online is a consortium of over 200 Leading Law Firms offering the best specialist advice in all areas of law across the United Kingdom. Over 10,000 legal enquiries answered. Access to over 2,000 lawyers ready to advise you on all aspects of law.


LawWorks - Legal Advice Clinics

What happens at a clinic appointment?

Clients usually have 15-45 minutes to explain an issue and you will receive basic advice on the next steps to take. Some clinics may also offer to draft a letter.

What to bring to a clinic appointment?

LawWorks has developed a guide detailing the types of documents to bring to clinic sessions.