Life coaching, a therapy aimed at the rich and famous right? No, not really. Not many people know much about life coaching, many people think it's just someone telling you how to live you life. However it is so much more than that. Life coaching has helped so many people, even the average Joe like you and me. It can help you find direction and clarification in life.

Life coaching is useful at many stages of life. It can help school leavers realise what sort of career they want, can help those with dwindling confidence and self belief, life coaching can also help businesses with low staff morale.

A qualified life coach can help you with many issues by supporting you and encouraging you to fulfill your potential, be that in your personal life or in the work place. A life coach can help you get back in control of your life. In these modern times it is easy to loose your way. Your life coach can help you find ways to improve  and enhance your life. A life coaches goal is not to teach you new skills but to enhance the ones you already have. Most of the time we already have the skills to improve ourselves, we just don't make the most of them.

Life coaching involves exploring your beliefs, values and aims, your life coach will then work with you to help you set goals and targets in order for you to be able to reach your dreams. A life coach is like having your own personal sports coach, they can help to keep you motivated, focused and commited to your goals, life coaching helps you become the best person you can be.

Life Coaching can help with most areas in life from relationship coaching to help with spirituality  and finances. Whatever changes you wish to make to your life your life coach will help you achieve them. You will not have to make any choices or decisions you are not comfortable making, and your sessions with a life coach will be confidential so you can safely explore your deepest thoughts and feelings.

Life coaching can be especially useful those searching for a job. Let alone a job into the legal profession. It's a very complex and demanding area so you need the best possible support. A life coach will help you asses what area of law you want to work in, then help you set goals and targets so you end up being the best person for the job. It might mean doing a college course, or getting some work experience, whatever it is you need to do to get your dream job, your life coach will make sure you stay on track.

Because life coaching is still relatively new to the UK   it is hard to know where to find a reputable coach. Life Coach Directory is a network of life coaches, all of whom are based in the UK and are fully insured and qualified. With no government regulation it is useful to know of an organisation that lists professional life coaches. Many of the life coaches listed on the directory are also members with a professional body with it's own code of ethics which all it's members must abide by. You can find details of those professional bodies "

All of the life coaches listed with the Life Coach Directory  has a full profile listing. This offers lots of information about them, you can access details such as fees, location and contact details. You can also read about how they work, any areas of expertise, their training, experience and any other details they may list such as bus routes. Most of the life coaches on the directory also have a link to their personal websites so you can find out even more about them.

Life Coach Directory also has lots of general information about life coaching, there is an FAQ section, a news section as well as articles and events submitted by the life coaches themselves. 

Finding a life coach on Life Coach Directory couldn't be much easier.  You just need to pop either your postcode, town or county into the blue search bar on the home page. Then you will be given a list of all the life coaches in your area. It's as simple as that! If you have a particular issue you want help with such as relationships, you can select this from the drop down box to the right of the search results.

Once you have found the profile of  a life coach you like, you can contact them via email or over the phone, which ever you feel more comfortable doing. Any email sent using the website is completely confidential, the only people that can read it is you and the life coach you are contacting. Any searches made using the  Life Coach Directory are confidential and you do not to register or pay a subscription to use the site.

This article was provided by the Life Coach Directory in Partnership with Executive Network Legal Ltd