Top Athletes recognise the value of a Performance Coach......

 ....but do you?


Performance coaching is about sharpening skills which already exist in individuals and teams in such a way as to improve performance for long term gain. Using insightful questioning and listening skills, it facilitates the individual/team to positively identify and adopt new ways of achieving objectives.

Executive Network Legal is proud to be working in collaboration with Beyond Expectation offering value added coaching and training services for both candidates and clients alike.

All Coaching is accredited by the SRA for CPD points.

First 100 Day Coaching
The investment of taking on a new person is not insignificant and often involves adapting to different cultures and personalities for the individual and the employer. The firm wants the new person to be productive and cost effective as soon as possible. Coaching can be highly beneficial in these circumstances and helps the individual identify and work towards truly aligning themselves in the business. Employing a coach to support the individual also sends a clear message of value and support.

Workshops for Firms
CPD accredited coaching workshops are available on a variety of topics which are dedicated and tailor made to the firm. The sort of circumstances and topics that may be encountered are:

Teams going through change
Where there has been an amalgamation of teams, a new project or client team or following a merger. Coaching helps the team as a whole identify goals, strengths, strategies and action plans.

Teams requiring development in a particular area
Circumstances often arise where a team faces a new challenge and requires development in areas such as CRM, new legislation, increased competition, cross selling of services or adoption of fixed fee work. Coaching helps teams in these situations deal with the change more effectively and efficiently and ensures continued motivation through a potentially difficult circumstance.

Redundancy/outsourcing workshops
Where firms find themselves in the situation of having to make internal changes through redundancy or outsourcing, the provision of coaching by the firm to the individuals concerned helps smooth the process and enhance the firm’s reputation in difficult circumstances.

Trainee/Associate/Partner Development Programmes
Many firms run specific programmes for development at these stages and coaching dramatically enhances the success of these programmes. It offers far more consistent and objective support than mentoring and helps the individuals develop in their own way at their own pace thereby creating a long term benefit and helps to generate new ideas from these individuals who have already been identified as having a potential long term future with the firm.


1-2-1 Coaching
This allows individuals considering changing firm to identify their long term aims enhance their existing skills and improve their performance.

A variety of topics could be adopted to offer to candidates (including students) to help them improve performance and develop their own skills.

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