A recent report showing figures from the SRA highlights that the number of In-House Solicitors has doubled since 2000. Clearly the opportunities for Solicitors to move In-House has increased with companies choosing to keep their legal teams close to the heart of the business. Transition from Private Practice to In-House is more attractive and accessible than ever. As part of eNL’s In-House  registration and interview process, relevant information is gathered including ‘why do you want to make the transition from Private Practice to In-House?’ What is the attraction? Personal reasons, financial, career development? The collated information makes for interesting reading.

There are talented Solicitors working at top tier firms earning ‘mega money’ but tired with the 70 plus hours per week who  would like to spend more time with their families or pursuing other interests.  Often on the agenda is a more rural location, a slower pace of life and a choice of education facilities for children. Overseas locations has a great attraction opening up a whole new world.  A stand out comment eNL come across on a regular basis is ‘to have the opportunity to be noticed, to make a difference and appreciated for the contribution made’. Career progression is also on the mind of those wishing to make an In-House leap.

Author: Victoria Noble In-House Legal Consultant eNL sources individuals with expertise in commercial In-House legal departments or those legal professionals wishing to make the move In-House ranging from all levels of experience.

Victoria Noble, eNL In-House Legal Consultant (ex Employment Solicitor) commented ‘operating within the legal In-House industry you can gain great personal and professional  satisfaction  working on high calibre cases/transactions, whilst maintaining a good work/life balance.  Global opportunities abound for those wishing to consider making a move abroad. In fact In-House opens up a fresh, exciting, stimulating and challenging world for those with the ability and desire to transfer their knowledge and skills.’

There is no doubt, working In-House is increasingly popular. Indeed as reported by the Law Society, one in four Solicitors work in the employed sector. The largest group - 14,255 solicitors - work in the corporate field, such as financial and business services; manufacturing and utilities; retail and wholesale; construction; transport and communications; or media and publishing. So if you would like to connect with key institutions here or overseas, if you are scanning the horizons to identify new In-House opportunities and have the fundamental belief that you would be a great ambassador for any commercial enterprise – we’ve probably got just the job for you.


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