2011 is most definitely going to be a great time to indulge in corporate branding. Why?  Because people are becoming more and more interested in where brands come from, who is behind them and if the company is an upstanding one – as reported by Procter & Gambles UK and Ireland Head Mr Irwin Lee.

Top UK Advertisers 2010

1.  Procter & Gamble £178.7m
2.  Central Office of Information £178.1m
3.  Unilever £148.6m
4.  Reckitt Benckiser £91.7m
5.  BskyB £91.1m
6.  Tesco £88.2m
7.  DFS £82.5m
8.  Kellogg £78m
9.  Asda £76m
10. L’Oreal £75m