Video Interview


The global pandemic has certainly brought around some changes that some of us would never have envisaged. Whilst some law firms still prefer to interview people face to face, many are now fully embracing the medium of video via MS Teams, Zoom or Skype – at least for first stage interview.

We know that for some people, video interviews will seem strange and probably the unknown so we have set out some hints and tips to help you!


Whilst video interviews might seem quite different to many of us, the preparation rules really do still apply. You should still prepare in the normal way in terms of questions to be asked, research on the firm and the interviewers, brushing up on your CV, preparing questions etc. Our guide to interview preparation still applies - Candidate Guidelines


How you present yourself is still very important. Whilst nobody expects you to be working at home in your suit, you should be mindful of what the interviewers can see at the other end of the camera. Our advice would be to dress as if you were seeing them face to face. First impressions are very important and looking the part can often give you the added bit of confidence you need to present yourself in the best possible light.


  • Make sure you check you have the right equipment
  • Ensure sure your laptop / tablet has enough charge
  • Check the sound and video is working and that you are in a good spot for Wi-Fi – there is nothing more frustrating (on both sides) than a buffering video and stuttered sound
  • Location – choose a spot free from distractions. Is the dog about to bound in and say hello? Perhaps other family members might be home? So, make sure they know that you cannot be distracted. Choose a location with good lighting and position your camera at eye level
  • Be mindful of what can be seen in the background – many video mediums now have the capability to blur out the background or add a different background – use something simple and professional
  • Make sure you are seated comfortably (no probably not in your armchair lounging) but a chair / office chair and maintain good posture. Body language is still important on video interviews
  • Timing – log on early, probably at least 10-15 minutes to make sure you have everything ready to go

We hope this helps many of you now embracing this new way of interviewing but if you still have further questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further!

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Gemma Jones – Director, eNL – April 2021