Now Has Never Been A Better Time To Become A Legal Consultant


There has never been a better time to become a self-employed Legal Consultant Solicitor

There is no doubting that we have now entered a period of huge change within the legal marketplace, a time of unprecedented challenges, shifts in the way we work, and more importantly a huge opportunity for those looking to change the way they work for good.

The pandemic has accelerated the future of how we work and has divided many businesses’ as to what this will look like for us all.  Some have decided to make more permanent adjustments. What once was the seen as the ‘normal’ way to work, has been disregarded to make way for a new, more innovative and hybrid way to work.  However, some have decided to go back to the way of working as before, which has left many employees seeking more flexibility and as such considering other possibilities that are open to them.

So, what are the options if you are looking to make a shift in your legal career? Becoming a self-employed Legal Consultant Solicitor should be a serious opportunity to consider. A career as a Legal Consultant Solicitor comes with many benefits and flexibility including some of the following:

  • Financially rewarding – rather than working at Partner or Associate level and passing work to junior members of staff, as a Legal Consultant Solicitor you can do the work and reap the rewards
  • Lifestyle – most people are now seeing remote working as an excellent lifestyle change, enabling greater choice and flexibility. For example, being available for the school run, avoiding rush hour traffic, no more late nights or high billable hours and targets
  • Be your own boss - have you reached a point in your career where you want to be your own boss? What better way to do this than to become a Legal Consultant, giving you total control over your professional life
  • Your network – have you spent several years building your contact/client network? Becoming a Legal Consultant allows you to capitalise and make the most of your hard work
  • Following – it is possible you may not want to pass on repeat business and as Legal Consultant Solicitor and you won’t have to. You can continue to give your clients the full care and attention they deserve
  • Decide on your caseload – pick and choose what legal matters you are interested in and want to work on. If the firm passes on any enquiries, remember you are under no obligation to take it in on

A common stumbling block for those considering a move from a ‘traditional’ working model to the remote fee-sharing consultancy model, is the idea of working in solitude. The period of ‘lockdown’ has removed so much of the stigma attached to home working, with huge swathes of the legal market realising their ability to perform at high standards as part of virtual teams. Technology has been key in allowing teams to continue with ever important face-to-face contact via video conferencing, to the degree that this has become the new ‘normal’.

Of course, the business model developed by fee sharing legal firms is such that it allows them to weather economic storms with much more resilience than those with extensive overheads and salary commitments. Most of the fee-sharing firms eNL Legal Recruitment partner are still actively recruiting for new Legal Consultant Solicitors to join their ranks, their growth strategy entirely unhindered by the difficulties in other areas of the market right now. This model can also often afford  more flexibility in charge rates to clients, allowing you to adapt to the needs of specific clients and secure additional business.

Essentially, if you have a following (or a solid business plan for how to establish your revenue stream) then talk to one of the Consultants in our specialist Fee-share Consultancy team without delay – the right time is now! 

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