Effective Job Adverts

Are you looking to hire new staff? If so, one of the first things you need to do is create an effective advert to appeal to the masses of potential candidates. Writing job adverts is not easy, as it requires skill in knowing who your target audience is while writing in a language they understand and which appeals to their interests. If you have posted job adverts before and have been inundated with applications from candidates with the wrong qualifications and skills, then there is a good chance the adverts were not written effectively. So, what do you need to know to write the best job advert to appeal to your audience? Let us tell you…

  1. An attention-grabbing title is key

Obviously, the title should include the name of the role that you are looking to fill, but it makes a much more attractive proposition if you use this space to list two or three perks of the job. The title is the part of the advert that will draw people in, so it needs to be eye-catching, interesting and accurate.


  1. Make a great introduction

Use the first paragraph of the advert to sell the very best parts of the job. Does it include working with children or animals? Is there a good benefits scheme? What about opportunities for job progression and flexible working? Remember to use very positive language and plenty of interesting adjectives, but never exaggerate the perks.


  1. Be proud of your company

Use the next paragraph to tell the reader a little bit about your company. What does it do? When was it founded? Who is in charge and what are the founders and employees like? Has the company won any awards? Most applicants will want to know about the company they are working for as it can help to build up excitement about a possible new job role.


  1. Long lists are boring!

Overloading the reader with a lengthy list of job responsibilities is only going to make them lose interest very quickly. Pick a dozen or so of the main tasks that will be expected from the employee and then provide any other information about the role, such as working hours, salary and training courses available. Make sure to highlight how important the employee’s contribution to the role and team will be.


  1. Location is everything

If you live in a small village, chances are you will be looking for employees outside of your local area. In this case, you might want to give a little information about your location, making it seem like an attractive proposition to potential commuters.


  1. Sum it all up in a positive package

Complete the job advertisement with a bullet-point list of the main points discussed to ensure these are kept fresh in the mind of the reader when they apply. Then make it absolutely clear how job applications should be delivered – including relevant contact details or links to online application forms.


  1. Feedback

Have someone from within your organisation read over your application making sure there are no distracting typos or major mistakes. By having someone else glance over the copy before posting you help to ensure there are no glaring mistakes or poor grammar.

By following these steps above you can sit back wait for all the great applications to roll in. Good luck!