Social media has already made its mark on the world of recruitment, there’s even an annual Social Media In Recruitment Conference where the latest digital strategies take centre stage.

But what about the specialist legal recruitment sector? Has that too found room for social media as part of its process for attracting and engaging with candidates? And what about the recruiting firms themselves? Is social media an effective way to communicate with them?

A quick search on Twitter shows that more and more law firms are setting up their own accounts to proliferate news, views and comments on topical legal issues, as well as offering advice, all of which helps to establish them as experts in their field. Facebook pages and in-house blogs offer similar if slightly lengthier content, not to mention the opportunities that LinkedIn affords for communicating with existing business contacts.

Canny legal recruiters can use social media not only to publicise vacancies but also to learn more about their clients’ activities, opinions and areas of expertise, as well as to build and maintain relationships with potential candidates.