The Recruitment Practice Standard (RPS) is the recruitment industry’s leading online examination and qualification system and sponsorship of the system offers suppliers to the recruitment industry an unrivalled opportunity to showcase products and services to a targeted audience of decision makers.

• Gain exposure and raise your company’s profile within the recruitment industry.
• Showcase and increase awareness of your company’s products and services to a receptive audience of key decision makers.
• Create new business opportunities.
• Build brand recognition with your target audience.
• Demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to promoting excellence throughout the professional staffing


Focusing on the promotion of excellence throughout the professional staffing industry, the Recruitment Practice Standard (RPS) is a unique web-based assessment hub and examination centre for professional recruiters.

Developed in partnership between APSCo and Innergy, with support from Lander Associates, as well as a team of experts from within the professional staffing industry (see RPS Steering Group), each examination has been developed to be thorough, challenging and a benchmark for industry excellence, creating the highest possible standards of trading practice.

Professional staffing organisations use the Recruitment Practice Standard (RPS) logo to demonstrate both their commitment to their employees’ development as well as proof of their organisation’s levels of quality and expertise.

Recruiters use the Recruitment Practice Standard (RPS) letters of qualification after their names to display their levels of knowledge and proficiency.

The RPS has three levels of assessment based on how long an employee has been working in recruitment, such as (0-1 years, 1-3 years, 3-5 years etc) with each assessment comprehensively covering the key areas of knowledge expected at that level.

Each assessment has approximately 100 multiple choice questions, split into six modular categories, and are randomly picked by the system from a library of questions to ensure that no two examinations are the same.

To make each of the assessments more rigid, there is a predetermined time limit to complete each one, as you would do if sitting an A-level or GCSE examination.

Recruitment Practice Standard Examination Centre – For more information click http://recruitmentpracticestandard.com/