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eNL Legal Online provides a self-service, flexible and affordable recruitment solution to law firms and legal departments. As a member, your business can, through modern technology, take advantage of this talented candidate database to solve some of your recruitment challenges, potentially saving thousands of pounds, eliminating costly recruitment methods (in particular, advertising in the trade press or instructing an agency).

it's quick and easy to use and for a one off annual membership fee, you get direct access to a huge number of candidates in the market - with thousands of solicitors, legal executives and paralegals, we're sure you'll find a candidate for any given vacancy.

Since 1998 eNL has invested in excess of £1million in direct advertising in both printed and electronic media. Countless number of man hours have been devoted to attracting some of the finest legal minds, nurturing the referrals of prime candidates recommended to eNL and capturing some of the most competent legal support staff the UK has to offer ........ not forgetting the annual influx of keen and enthusiastic Newly Qualified Lawyers. eNL remains committed to the legal industry and will continue to invest heavily to actively support, drive and be instrumental in achieving a common goal of success.

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