This is something Lord Sugar was recently up against when a previous winner of the 2010 Apprentice, Stella English, attempted to sue the entrepreneur for constructive dismissal.

English claimed that she had ‘no real role’ at Sugar’s IT firm - Viglen.

Lord Sugar confidently responded that there was no case to answer to and he was effectively being blackmailed.

Reports have compared the case to the situation in America, perhaps summed up appropriately by Lord Sugar’s tweet after his victory in court which ruled unanimously in his favour:

"A victory for the law against the claim culture."

The judge from the trial also commented: "This was a claim which should never have been brought.”

While we’re on the Sugar topic, the Apprentice is due to start this week...but what is it that makes a top law candidate?

Here are some quick and easy tips!

1-       Have a perfect CV.

2-       You are not competing; you are self-maximizing...why do you deserve the job?

3-       Practice, practice, practice. 

4-       Research, research, research. 

5-       Treat Each Interview as Special and Unique. 

6-       Always tell the truth. 

7-       Relax before the interview.