Retreats have long been the chosen method for artists and writers to tackle ‘creative block’ but should more of us be taking time out to improve our mental and physical wellbeing?

Over the years they have been marginalised as mini-breaks for creatives, hippies and the spiritually inclined but retreats can be a fantastic way for anyone to clear the mind and boost the body, which can in turn can help with self-improvement in the workplace and at home.

Weekend retreats can be ideal for professionals who need to bolster their energy levels between holidays, particularly if a challenging period at work lies ahead.  Historically retreats were a religious practice but nowadays there are packages to suit every taste and budget, from yoga retreats to detox retreats, to outdoors retreats, to meditation retreats and even silent retreats.

 Some kinds of retreats are aimed specifically at dealing with stress, insomnia and improving the immune system, all things which can be of great benefit to an individual’s personal and professional life. There are also plenty of group retreats on offer, which can help work colleagues to bond and perform better as a team.

 If a rest is as good as change, a retreat is certainly as good a way as any to reignite your zest for life and your passion for work.