The progression from trainee to newly qualified lawyer can be a daunting one, now so more than ever as suitable positions are not as readily available as they once were.

Continuing with the firm at which they trained is a comforting prospect for many, offering the reassurance of friendly faces and familiar ways of working. But in the current climate that is not always an option and newly qualifieds will need to be flexible in order to secure a position.

We recommend that trainees assess their options as soon as they are able to do so. Once their current firm has advised them whether or not there will be any suitable opportunities for them, they can begin to prepare accordingly.

In either case, it’s essential to consider long-term goals and how best to achieve them. Where do they see themselves in five years time and which route is more likely to help them get there?

eNL are keen to assist where possible and are on hand with advice, tips and market knowledge that will assist with your search.