Every day we face challenges of some scale, and each time these arise we have a choice to make about how we are going to tackle them. I personally choose positivity – Yes, I am a fully-paid up member of the ‘glass half-full’ club!  I am adamant that what ever strategy I decide upon (whether personally or in the course of my role here at eNL) the underpinning factor must be POSITIVITY. Before you all roll your eyes and think that I have turned into a ‘hippy’ please just indulge me for a moment. There are lots of articles out there around positivity but one I found this morning that I was having a read through suggested some points I felt we could quickly and easily start to work in to our day. I have provided the link below:



Ultimately, we all come to work to make money to pay our bills and have life’s little luxuries where we can. Tackling our challenges with positivity is proven to make us more productive, and besides that who wants to go to work and be miserable and beaten down about things not going our way? I know I don’t!! You will have all heard me say many times to ‘celebrate the small wins’ – I absolutely advocate this approach as there are way too many things out there waiting to knock us down, but when we get that one good result it is worth a pat on the back!! Beyond this we need to be encouraging and supportive to each other! Most of us spend more time with our work colleagues than we do with most of our families, and certainly more than with our friends, so we need to take a bit of responsibility for keeping each others spirits up, especially where we can see someone is having a tough hour/day/week. I genuinely believe that we can achieve so much more if we put our focus and energy in the right place.


Enjoy the sunshine this bank holiday weekend, have a great time, and hit the office on Tuesday with bags of energy and a solid plan on how you are going to conquer your part of the world next week.