For generations working in ‘the City’ has been seen as a prerequisite for rising legal stars but in the pursuit of the holy grail of work life balance lawyers are beginning to realise that there are opportunities to build impressive careers in cities other than London.

There are countless leading regional firms with heavyweight reputations where ambitious individuals can really contribute to the direction and development of the practice.

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of a demanding career in the London bubble and for some the backbreaking workload and stress, combined with the perfectionist streak present in many legal professionals, can create an unbearable burden.

But there is always an alternative and eNL have opportunities available across the UK for lawyers who want to climb the professional ladder without sacrificing their personal lives in the process.

Perhaps it is a question of taking time away from the big smoke for a few years or it could be a desire to take your life in a completely different direction, either way there are promising vacancies waiting to be filled in well-established firms throughout the regions.

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