Logging On With . . . BYPY nominee Kaye Thumpston

24th May 2010


 Kaye Thumpston, BYPY 2010 finalist in the Recruitment and Training category


CONTINUING our BYPY series of Logging On With... we talk to Kaye Thumpston, Recruitment and Training category finalist, of eNL Legal Recruitment. More finalists for this year's Birmingham Young Professional of the Year awards will be featured in the days leading up to the ceremony on May 27. 

Organisation: eNL Legal Recruitment

Employees: 10+

Job title: Senior Consultant

Career highlights:

Without a doubt, it is being selected as a finalist of Birmingham Young Professional of the Year 2010!

What are your key responsibilities:

I am currently responsible for locum recruitment across the whole of the UK. This involves maintaining client and candidate relationships, generating new business opportunities and establishing a strong network of contacts to open up additional possibilities. I have a particular focus on the public sector and in-house market.

What do you enjoy most and least about your role?

The worst thing about being a recruitment consultant, particularly in a tough market, is not being able to help everyone. Particularly in the last 18months or so, when a lot of redundancies were taking place and the market was the toughest we have ever known. The best thing about my job is the buzz you get from knowing that you have had a positive influence on a candidate's career. It is the best feeling ever to find a candidate their dream job. Of course the adrenaline rush from sealing a deal with a client is a very close second!

How has technology changed your life in the last five years?

The arrival of social networking sites has made the world feel so much smaller! I have friends living in various countries around the world and it is just so much easier to keep in touch now.

How has it changed/impacted on your business in the same period?

The main technological impact upon recruitment has been the increased use of the internet. Recruitment advertising has become strongly dominated by on-line job boards, making the process of posting vacancies almost instantaneous. Also, networking sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter have given recruiters access to a much wider market, and has provided candidates with an additional source for job opportunities.

If you weren't doing what you're doing now, what alternative career would you chose and why?

I think I would probably be a teacher. I really enjoy working with young people and helping them to realise their potential. Whilst at University I spent some time as a youth worker, trying to engage with young people who were having a tough time. I think as a teacher you have much more opportunity to inspire, guide and influence young people and have a real impact on their lives.

In five words, describe your character:

Motivated, Ambitious, Loyal, Supportive, Clumsy(!)

Where is your favourite holiday destination and why?

I would have to choose Menorca, not utterly exotic I appreciate (!), but I spent a lot of time there whilst growing up and have some fantastic memories. The beaches are immaculate and unspoiled, the people are lovely, and there are some truly beautiful places to visit.