With news that nearly 70 graduates are competing for every job vacancy dominating the headlines, it’s obviously going to be a tough summer for those looking to start their careers. Job hunting in the legal sector is tougher still and even those graduates with a top-level degree pass are likely to find it difficult.

Yes, it’s unfair and yes, you should probably have walked into a fantastic trainee position with a great firm but if you’re going to get anywhere in the current market you’ll have to adapt. Taking some simple measures, such as making sure your CV boasts as much relevant experience as possible and working on a voluntary basis to help acquire that experience in the first place, will help mark you out as a serious applicant. You should also try to bolster your CV with strong references from lecturers and contacts in the legal profession.

As well as working with legal recruiters, you should apply directly to law firms and follow-up after your initial approach. They may be able to give you feedback on your application and this proactive strategy could make all the difference.

It is also well worth consulting the Law Society, Junior Lawyers Division for free training and advice on securing training contracts.

For further information about improving your CV please see the CV tips section on the eNL website.