Get into Railways

Do you know any young people aged 18 -25?

Are they unemployed?

Are they interested in gaining skills to work on the railways?

Would they like the opportunity to gain the Personal Track Safety qualification?

 The Get into Railways course is a FREE, short course that aims to help young people aged 18 – 25 to increase their job prospects, build their confidence and gain new skills including, practical and mechanical work, team work skills, awareness of safe working practices on the railways, and two Network Rail qualifications; the Personal Track Safety (PTS) and Track induction training.

 The course will start on Monday 28th November 2011 and finish Friday 9th December 2011 (09.00am - 4.30pm each day) in Birmingham. The course is two weeks long; there are only 12 places available.

 Selection Process

The young people that are interested in the course will be invited to an Information day on Wednesday 23rd November 2011 where we will assess their suitability and eligibility for the course. This day will consist of a tour and information on rail work, the young people will also be expected to take part in a number of team building activities and an interview.

Please note that young people coming onto the programme will need to be committed and work ready.

The young people must take a medical test, and will be screened for drugs and alcohol before joining the programme, which they must be clear from. Failure to pass this test, the young people will be unable to participate.

 Working in the Rail Construction Sector

Minimum requirement to work near a track is to have completed a PTS course and have passed the test. To work on a track the minimum requirement is PTS and the Track Induction. Those who wish to enter employment in this sector should consider the hours and demand required, this is likely to involve weekends and unsocial hours.

If you know any young people that will be interested in the course please contact Helen Marshall on 0121 772 9241 or 07766417 341, or email