eNL’s locum team was established in 2005 and has since grown from strength to strength.  Placing paralegals, legal executives, barristers and solicitors in temporary and contract placements we are able to assist those who have chosen to work as a professional locum as well as those who are looking for interim work.

Our private practice clients range from high street practices to the Magic Circle firms.  We also cover the entire UK and can therefore assist with placements in all locations.  Our experienced locum consultants can also assist with arranging accommodation and travel arrangements if your position takes you away from home. 

We assist individuals looking for work in all practice areas ranging from litigation, commercial, private clients, property and more specialist disciplines.  The majority of our assignments look for individuals with experience in a specific practice area and therefore are suited to those with several years experience.

Why be a Locum?

Becoming a professional locum means that YOU can decide where and when you work, and for how long.

You can fit in locum, temporary and contract assignments around your personal lifestyle – this can mean shorter days or weeks and longer holidays.

End of Career
Many retired solicitors decide to locum as a way of continuing in the law after they retire from the commitment of full time employment.

Completing locum assignments is enjoyable – you get to experience different caseloads, firms and cities whilst still maintaining your professional knowledge.

Many professional locums have worked in many sectors and enjoy the variety of caseloads and environments.

For more information, or an informal discussion, please contact Kaye Thumpston on 0121 454 1004 or email


In-house locum requirements arise within a wide range of sectors, to include energy, FMCG, property developers, automotive, wealth management, I.T, and telecommunication businesses, to name a few. These organisations are often large, well-known organisations and can therefore offer exciting work opportunities and valuable experience.

The majority of in-house roles that arise are for those with experience of commercial law, however there are opportunities for property lawyers and litigators within some organisations. Specific roles can also arise, for example within asset finance or banking law, which allow experienced lawyers from other disciplines to gain valuable experience of working in-house.

Opportunities arise at all levels, from paralegals to assist with document-based or research projects through to interim General Counsel roles. Applications from candidates with previous in-house experience, or those from a private practice background with a secondment to an in-house team, tend to be the most popular with our clients.

For more information, or an informal discussion, please contact Kaye Thumpston on 0121 454 1004 or on


Public sector locum roles may arise within a variety of organisations to include:

Local Government
Central Government
Housing Associations
Not-for-Profit Organisations

With such a wide range of potential employers, the Public Sector offers exciting opportunities for locum lawyers where the work you will complete could make a real difference in the local community. For example, in recent times planning locums have found themselves dealing with projects to build new roads, shopping centres and to extend airport runways, all of which have a clear impact on residents and businesses.

Typically, locums are hired to conduct work on specific projects, to cover maternity or sickness leave, or to carry a caseload whilst a permanent employee is sought. The Public Sector is less likely than other sectors to employ locums for short-term holiday cover, therefore locum roles within the public sector are usually at least three months in duration, often longer.

The most common locum roles we recruit for within the public sector are:

Head of Legal
Head of Department
Civil Litigation
Local Government Generalists
Adult Social Services

Working as a locum within the public sector can offer an insight into a new working environment for those coming from a private practice or commerce and industry background. Whilst previous public sector experience is often desirable, in many cases public sector employers are willing to consider locums from other backgrounds, providing they can demonstrate a good knowledge of the area of law required.

For more information, or an informal discussion, please contact Kaye Thumpston on 0121 454 1004 or on


I want to get into locum work but don’t know where to begin?
Deciding to work as a professional locum can be a daunting time.  There are many aspects to consider including payment methods and conduct of professional locums.  To discuss your move into the locum market please call a locum consultant in the strictest confidence on 0121 454 1004.

How do locums get paid?
There are 3 main methods of payment for locum professionals:

PAYE (Pay As You Earn) – This is a common method of payment for locums and eNL can provide full payment advice.  Essentially the locum works via eNL and is pay rolled via our internal payroll system.  eNL will arrange all tax and NI and will pay you directly into you bank account for all hour’s works.  A timesheet is provided by eNL which will need to be signed each week, simply fax this back to us and we arrange the rest.

Self Employed – Some professional locums choose the self employed route.  The locum will invoice the client directly for the hours worked each week and the client will pay them directly.  The locum is then responsible for all tax and national insurance.  To find out how you can become self employed please seek professional advice or visit your accountant.

Limited Company/Umbrella Companies  Many professional locums set up their own limited company/umbrella company, this is once again best done through an accountant.  You will fill out a timesheet each week and eNL will pay you each week directly to the limited company.  The limited company/umbrella company is then responsible for tax and NI. 

How long do locum assignments last?
This is a difficult one to answer, we assist our clients with all locum needs ranging form short term holidays covers to long term contracts (sometimes up to 18 months)  At the registration process you can let our consultants know your preference and we will endeavour to find you assignments that match your requirements.

Will I be guaranteed to be in work year round?
Our consultants can never promise that you will be in work all year, especially at present with the currently climate.  However, our consultants are always on hand to provide market knowledge and advice to ensure you know the best route to take at each stage.

If I locum for a while can I return to permanent work?
eNL provide both locum and permanent assistance to all our candidates.  We have many candidates who have completed locum assignments before returning to permanent work and we are happy to assist with both preferences.

Am I responsible for my own practising certificate and CPD?
As a locum you are on the whole responsible for your own practising certificate and CPD.  Usually the only exception is when a locum is placed in a fixed term contract – the client will then take responsibility for a pro rata involvement towards both your practising certificate and CPD points.

Am I covered by professional indemnity insurance?
In 99% of cases locum and temporary members of staff are covered by the clients’ professional indemnity insurance.  If you are unsure at any time please contact a member of the locum team and we will gladly check for you.

Why do firms use locums?
Our clients use locums for a variety of reasons from short term holiday/sickness cover to long contracts for maternity cover.   In addition, locums are also employed for their specialist expertise for specific projects when a client may lack expertise in a certain area.

If you have any questions that have not been answered, please feel free call a consultant on 0121 454 1004, or email  your query to titled ‘FAQ’.


As a professional locum you will be responsible for the following:

Completing registration documents with eNL
Providing a minimum of 2 references (professional)
Photo ID
Providing a valid practising certificate (where applicable)
Responsible for updating your CPD points
Ensuring you are responsible for your own tax and NI (where applicable)


Many professional locums work around the UK and stay in B&B’s during the week.  Please find below some links you may find help in your search for accommodation/travel arrangements.