Its that time of year again, the dark mornings and nights have drawn in and the shopping centres have opened their doors for late night shopping.  Along with this is the arrival of the Christmas German Market and Craft Fair in Birmingham City Centre. With it this year it has brought the beautiful delights of mulled wine, handmade toys, grilled sausages, crepes, marzipan sweets and many more treats. Known as one of the largest outdoor Christmas Markets in the country they are based throughout Birmingham City Centre from 17th November to 23rd December form 10am until 9pm. The German Market has been around for 10 years and offers 180 stalls to browse through. Christmas markets were very popular in the UK until Oliver Cromwell banned the celebration of Christmas, Lincolnshire was the first to revive Christmas Markets 26 years ago.  The German Market is a very popular destination for the local workforce to enjoy an after work get together and for local residents to visit.  As well as providing a great opportunity to pick up a few Christmas gifts you can have a fantastic time celebrating the festive season with colleagues, friends and family.

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