1. Lies about objects that can be about quality or ownership.  DISPARAGEMENT

2. Assumption of ___RISK__________ is a defense against negligence that states that the plaintiff knew of the risk involved and still took the chance of being injured.

3. A person who commits a tort. TORTFEASOR

4. A tort against a person that threatens to harm an innocent person. ASSAULT

5. Lies about a person that is in written, printed or recorded form. LIBEL

6. Anything that interferes with the enjoyment of property. NUISANCE

7. Interfering with a person’s right to personal property. Example: not returning

something lent. CONVERSION


8. When the link between the negligent conduct and the injury is strong enough to

be recognized by law. PROXIMATECAUSE

9. A private wrong committed by one person against another. TORT

10. Some activities are so dangerous that liability will always follow any injury that

results from those activities. STRICTLIABILITY

11. The unlawful touching of someone. BATTERY

12. Duty of _CARE__ says everyone has a right to reasonable standard of being taken care of.

13. When someone lies about another person that hurt’s the innocent person’s

reputation. DEFAMATION

14. Interfering with somebody’s real property. TRESPASS



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