Map Your Voice – The British library is inviting you to take part in its project which aims to capture the sounds of spoken English all over the world –

Go Green - Measure your carbon footprint see how you compare to the rest of the country by visiting -

Victorian Web – An outstanding resource for literature and history, making fascinating reading for anyone interested in matters ranging from what aspects of Victorian culture have been lost with decimalisation to how people sent letters in those days and the rhyming slang of the day. As of January 2011 this site has nearly 50,000 documents to explore –

Called to the Bar – Verner Pantons legendry Bar Boy a classic in furniture design has been reinvented for Moet & Chandon to celebrate the long awaited release of their Grand Vintage 2002. This limited edition mobile bar contains a bottle of the 1982, 1992 and 2002 vintages -

Jaguar She’s Electric – Anyone who doubts that eco friendly cars can keep up with their fuel guzzling counterparts should take a long lingering look at Jaguars C-X75 -

Tour De Force – The Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradle completes the Gran Turismo range as the most powerful model. It will go on sale in early 2011 -

Wear it Well – The Royal Academy of Arts third collaboration with GSK Contemporary focuses on how artisists and designers use clothing to communicate and reveal elements of their own identity. The show features more than 30 artist and designers -

Gaucho International Polo – All the high octane excitement and stylish panache of international polo is being condensed into an evening at this unique O2 Arena event, which see three world class matches culminate in a face-off between EFG’s England and Camino Real’s Argentina, captained by Nacho Figueras –

The Dorchester Spa – Completely transformed after an extensive refurbishment, The Dorchester Spa embodies elegance and Art Deco inspiration. Don’t miss the Spatisserie for the most sublime snacks in town –

A Little Bit of Me Time - If you are looking for help to slow down and enjoy life more, this really is the place for you. Whether you’re suffering from total burnout or just want some handy tips to deal with everyday stress and restore the balance and harmony in your life, this site has something for you –

What’s On When – For events, attractions, festivals, sport and the weird & wonderful, surf the events guide to travel to the best events and shows worldwide –

Political Humour – Funny current events, hot political issues and scandals – find funny jokes, cartoons, satire and other humour about current politics –