Documents & legal requirements

Although our primary function is as a recruitment agency, eNL Legal’s relatively long period of establishment within the legal industry means that we have developed an unrivalled level of knowledge and expertise over many other agencies. With this in mind, we look to provide support and assistance to those looking to start a career in the law sector. Whether you are a lawyer, a solicitor, a paralegal, or something else entirely, we can help provide you with everything you need to know when it comes to being a locum.

There are many locum jobs available, and the recruitment process can seem daunting at first. While there are many benefits to filling locum jobs, there are certain processes you have to follow. We have explained more below on the documents and legal requirements required when looking at locum vacancies.

What documents will you need if looking at locum vacancies?

If you are looking at locum positions, then there are a number of documents and legal requirements that you will need to think about. These are:

  • Photo ID, which is standard for any recruitment process
  • You will be responsible for updating your own CPD points
  • Completing the eNL registration documents
  • Providing us with a valid practising certificate (if applicable – this would be needed if you were looking at positions such as lawyer jobs)
  • We’ll need a minimum of two professional references
  • Where applicable, you’ll be responsible for your own tax and National Insurance

How else can eNL Legal help locums?

There are many reasons and benefits for wanting to become a locum, and we are fully experienced in recruiting for these positions. As well as advising you on the benefits, such as the flexibility and lifestyle changes, that being a locum will bring, we can also help with more important matters. This includes services such as eTimesheets and ePayslips, as well as providing information on the three different sectors that we offer locum recruitment services for:

As a professional locum you will be responsible for below.  

Find out more on eNL Legal and the locum vacancies that we have

We know that if you’re looking for a new law career, you probably have many questions. We’ve put together a detailed FAQ page to help those looking at locum positions. If you can’t find the answer that you’re looking for in here, simply get in touch with one of our expert team who would be more than happy to assist you.